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Feather Earrings ~ Spalted Beech (small)

Feather Earrings ~ Spalted Beech (small)

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Feather Earrings made from Spalted Beech from Wales. The perfect gift for that quirky friend or nature lovers!  

Beech is sometimes referred to as the mother of the woods for its large, strong and dominating presence. 

Beech is known to represent generosity of spirit, she gives both protection and nourishment. People once relied upon beech nuts to keep themselves from starvation, and collecting them helped strengthen the bonds between the community or clans. Beech was also used as a good luck charm, and pieces of it were thought to bring good fortune to the wearer.

Spalting is Colouration caused by fungi. It usually occurs if the wood has been led on the ground for sometime. The fungi can cause beautiful black squiggly patterns throughout the wood, and if carved before the wood rots, then dried and oiled, The fungi will stop growing, but the coloration will remain. 

The clasps are sterling silver.

Hand carved with knife and axe in a Wiltshire woodland. 

Finished with Tung Oil. 

Very lightweight to wear. 

Measuring approx 7cm long including clasps. 

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Care Instructions

This is a hand carved wooden item and knife and tool marks may still be present. Please do not put wooden items in the dishwasher. Hand wash only with warm soapy water and leave to air dry. You may wish to oil your spoon every once in a while if it starts looking thirsty. A coat of food safe oil (tung oil, nut oils etc) will nourish the wood and keep it looking fresh.

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